Antibody Customer Review For ASC Polyclonal Antibody (STJ91730)

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STJ91730 is a polyclonal antibody derived from rabbit host.
Apoptosis-associated speck-like protein containing CARD (ASC) holds a key function in mediating large signalling complexes during inflammation and apoptotic pathways.

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2. WHAT WAS USED? Primary antibody: STJ91730 ASC Polyclonal Antibody Provider: St John’s Laboratory Dilution ratio: 1:200 Application: Immunofluorescence Materials for validation: BXPC-3 and THP1 cell lines
3. WHAT WAS THE PROTOCOL? Treatment of materials: cells were cultured in chamber slides for 24h in medium supplemented with 10%FBS. THP-1 were primed with PMA. Permeabilization: 30 mins in 0,5% TritonX100 Blocking: 30 mins in 1% BSA Primary antibody: incubated 1hr at RT (dilution 1:200) Secondary antibody: incubated for 30 mins at RT (dilution 1:500) Mounting: VECTASHIELD Mounting Medium with DAPI Imaging: Images acquired using Axio Observer Z.1 (Zeiss) and Volocity Software (PerkinElmer)
4. WHAT DID THE CUSTOMER THINK? Testing results were provided by Emanuela Brunetto, PhD student from San Raffaele Scientific Institute. She stated ¡°I obtained a pattern similar to that obtained with anti-ASC from Adipogen (AG-25B-0006), but the background was higher¡±
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