Antibody Customer Review for Ribosomal Protein S3 Polyclonal Antibody (STJ95499)

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Ribosomal Protein S3 (RPS3) is a component of the 40S ribosomal subunit, along with the 60S subunit, makes up ribosomes – the organelles that catalyse protein translation.

Ribosomal Protein S3 itself has endonuclease activity and plays a role in DNA repair.

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1. HOW DID OUR ANTIBODY PERFORM? ANTIBODY CUSTOMER REVIEW: Ribosomal Protein S3 Polyclonal Antibody (STJ95499)
2. What was used? Primary antibody: Ribosomal Protein S3 Antibody (STJ95499) Provider: St John’s Laboratory Dilution ratio: 1:500 Application: Western Blot Materials for validation: HepG2, HeLa, C6 and NIH3T3 cell lines Click for product data sheet PDF
3. What was the protocol? Primary Antibody Application 1:500 primary antibody was incubated at 4?C for overnight. Secondary Antibody Application Goat secondary antibody at 1:5000 for 1 hour at room temperature. Visualisation ECL kit. Exposure time 1 min.
4. What were the results?
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