AntibodyPlus Double Promise

Antibodyplus is aiming to your help find the antibody with the lowest cost. Your 100% satisfaction is our goal.
Cooperating with our suppliers, we are glad to offer you quality insurance from both AntibodyPlus and original manufactures.

1. Manufacturers Quality Promise

Our suppliers guarantee the quality of antibodies they produce in recommended applications and species that are listed on product details page.Our suppliers will also adjust manufacturing according to feedback and reviews from you. If a product failed to work as stated, let us know and we will contact manufacturers to re-test back-up samples of same lot number and troubleshoot the issues.

2. AntibodyPlus Service Promise

Our technical support team is always here to help with any issues.

Service we promise:

Pre-sales support: Can’t find your targets? Our technical support will help you find the right antibody for your experiment from 22000+ antibodies. We will recommend suitable products for your application with the help of our customer review database.

Application support: Need a protocol or more data on our product? Simply contact us via email or Livechat, our expert support team with extensive laboratory experience are glad to help.

Post-sales support: If your experiment doesn’t go exactly as planned, our PhD level technical team will help you troubleshoot the process. If the troubleshoot process with manufacturers is not successful, AntibodyPlus will send you a free trial antibody from a different supplier. If the new trial works well, you could get extra 10% off while purchasing new full size antibodies. For untested applications, we recommend our clients to test using our Trial Sample Project. Submit your review, let us know the result (regardless or positive or negative) and get at least $50 Abcoins in return. See more rewards