Customer Review for HSP90A Polyclonal Antibody (STJ93622)

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Heat shock proteins, as a class, are among the most highly expressed cellular proteins across all species. As their name implies, heat shock proteins protect cells when stressed by elevated temperatures. They account for 1¨C2% of total protein in unstressed cells. However, when cells are heated, the fraction of heat shock proteins increases to 4¨C6% of cellular proteins.

Hsp90 (heat shock protein 90) is a chaperone protein that assists other proteins to fold properly, stabilizes proteins against heat stress, and aids in protein degradation. It is one of the most common of the heat-related proteins. The “90” comes from the fact that it weighs roughly 90 kiloDaltons. A 90 kDa protein is considered fairly large for a non-fibrous protein.

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2. WHAT WAS USED? Primary antibody: Product Catalog No: STJ93622. HSP90A Polyclonal Antibody. 20ul Provider: St John’s Laboratory Dilution ratio: 1:1000 in TBS containing 0.1% porcine gelatin Application: Western blot Materials for validation: Exosomes isolated from EOMA cells. Lane1: positive control ¨C exosomes from fetal bovine serum. Lane 2-5: exosomes from EOMA cells
3. WHAT WAS THE PROTOCOL? Lane1: positive control ¨C exosomes from fetal bovine serum. Lane 2-5: exosomes from EOMA cells Gel electrophoresis: 50ug total protein loaded into gel. Primary antibody incubation: Overnight at 4¡ãC. Secondary antibody incubation: HRP-conjugated 1hr at RT
4. WHAT DID THE CUSTOMER THINK? Testing results were provided by Tiago Santos from University of Coimbra. They stated that they were ¡°Very satisfied! Great communication with seller. The antibody tested gave a clear band at the predicted molecular weight.¡±
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