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Recent Antibody Validation Data

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Organization/institution University of Maryland School of Medicine
Validation data ID 105
Submission date 2017-02-08
Product name Anti-MRE11 antibody (Rabbit Polyclonal)
Product type Primary antibody
Product catalog No. STJ94194
Supplier St John's Laboratory Ltd
Application type Western Blot
Antibody specificity rating Excellent
Antibody overall rating Excellent
Your comments

I could detect bands using 5 different cell lines with 1:2000 dilution. I could detect the bands as early as 5 seconds exposure.

Materials breast cancer and lung cancer cell lines
Treatment of materials 5 Gy radiation
Gel electrophoresis SDS gel electrophoresis
Transfer Wet transfer
Blocking 3% milk for 30 minutes
Membrane wash 3X 5minutes after primary and secondary antibodies with PBST
Primary antibody incubation 1:2000 dilution at 4 degree celcius overnight
Secondary antibody
Name Supplier/brand Incubation
Goat anti-rabbit Santa Cruz 1 hour at room temperature (1:2500 dilution)
Loading control antibody (optional)
Name Supplier/brand
b-actin sigma
Sample Loading Information
Lane No. Sample Loading amount Primary Antibody dilution Secondary Antibody dilution Target band (KD) Exposure Time
1 MCF7 30 microgram 1:2000 1:2500 80kDa 15sec
5 MDA-MB-231 20 microgram 1:2000 1:2500 80kDa 15sec
9 A549 25 microgram 1:2000 1:2500 80kDa 15sec
13 DCIS 25 microgram 1:2000 1:2500 80kDa 15sec
Result figure Result figure
Figure description

The figure shows the image of the membrane that was blotted for MRE11. 4 cell lines are shown in this blot. Breast cancer cell lines MCF7, MDA-MB-231, DCIS and lung cancer cell line A549. The band was very specific and could be detected at even 5 seconds exposure. The specific treatments are left out because of confidentiality of the project.

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