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Recent Antibody Validation Data

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Organization/institution Yeshiva University
Validation data ID 131
Submission date 2017-03-01
Product name Rabbit Polyclonal Phospho-c-Abl (Y245) antibody (STJ90694)
Product type Primary antibody
Product catalog No. STJ90694
Supplier St John's Laboratory Ltd
Application type Western Blot
Antibody specificity rating Excellent
Antibody overall rating Excellent
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The antibody recognizes the correct Molecular size band. No other bands are obtained on Western blot.

Materials mouse spermatocyte lysate
Treatment of materials Non-denatirating lysis buffer
Gel electrophoresis NuPAGE 4 – 12% gradient Bis-Tris polyacrylamide gels and MOPS running buffer
Transfer proteins were transferred to a nitrocellulose membrane (0.45μm, Invitrogen, Carlsbad, CA, USA) using NuPAGE transfer buffer.
Blocking 2% membrane blocking agent (GE Healthcare UK Limited, RPN2125V, Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire, UK) in PBS + 0.02% (v/v) Tween 20 (PBS-T)
Membrane wash PBS-T
Primary antibody incubation 1:500, RT, 2 hours
Secondary antibody
Name Supplier/brand Incubation
ECL™ anti-rabbit IgG HRP linked (GE Healthcare UK Limited, NA934V) 1Hour, RT
Sample Loading Information
Lane No. Sample Loading amount Primary Antibody dilution Secondary Antibody dilution Target band (KD) Exposure Time
1-3 spermatocytes 15-20 micrograms 1:500 1:5000 120kDa 1h
Result figure Result figure
Figure description

Abl is highly expressed in spermatocytes.

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