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Recent Antibody Validation Data

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Organization/institution University of Texas health science center at San Antonio
Validation data ID 255
Submission date 2018-04-02
Product name LAMP-2(H4B4)
Product type Primary antibody
Product catalog No. Sc-18822
Supplier St John's Laboratory
Application type Western Blot(WB)
Antibody specificity rating Good
Antibody overall rating Good
Your comments

I used the LAMP-2(H4B4) antibody to do Western Blot to check the expression of LAMP-2 in 293T cells and 293T cells transfected with my target genes. The target bands were very clear .This antibody is good to use in monitor the LAMP-2 's expression in 293T cells. Other cells haven't been check.

Materials 293 cells
Treatment of materials Lysed in RIPA lysis buffer
Gel electrophoresis Tris Glycin PAGE
Transfer PVDF membrane
Blocking 5% milk
Membrane wash 3 times 1xTBST
Primary antibody incubation 1:1000 incubate overnight in 4C
Secondary antibody
Name Supplier/brand Incubation
Anti-mouse680 Licor 1h at RT
Sample Loading Information
Lane No. Sample Loading amount Primary Antibody dilution Secondary Antibody dilution Target band (KD) Exposure Time
1-5 293T 30ug 1:1000 1:5000 113kD
6 Marker 10ul 1:1000 1:5000
Result figure Result figure
Figure description

The experiment aim is to detect the affection of the affection of my target genes' over expression on the expression of LAMP2. 293T cells and 293T cells transfected with different genes. Use LAMP2 antibody as primary antibody to do WB. From the figure we can tell LAMP2 antibody worked very well.

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