A comprehensive guide of Histone H2B relating antibodies

1. Guide and review for Histone H2B antibodies and relating protein.

Yong Zhong Xu, Cynthia Kanagaratham and Danuta Radzioch (2013). Chromatin Remodelling During Host-Bacterial Pathogen Interaction, Chromatin Remodelling, Dr. Danuta Radzioch (Ed.), InTech, DOI: 10.5772/55977.

2. 2017 validated Histone H2B antibodies list

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Histone name Histone Antibody Writer Previous study
Histone H2B Mouse Monoclonal Histone H2B antibody (STJ97064)
H2B-K12-ac Rabbit Polyclonal Histone H2B (Acetyl Lys12) antibody (STJ97175) p300, CBP, ATF2 Bonenfant, D., Coulot, M., Towbin, H., Schindler, P., and Oostrum, J.V., (2005) Characterization of Histone H2A and H2B Variants and Their Post-translational Modifications by Mass Spectrometry. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 5, 541-552.
H2B-K15-ac Rabbit Polyclonal Acetyl-Histone H2B (K15) antibody (STJ90120) p300, CBP, ATF2
H2B-K20-ac Rabbit Polyclonal Histone H2B (Acetyl Lys20) antibody (STJ97177) p300
H2B-K21-ac Rabbit Polyclonal Anti-Histone H2B (Acetyl Lys21) antibody (STJ98687) Parra, M.A., Kerr, D., Fahy, D., Pouchnik, D.J., and Wyrick, J.J., (2006) Deciphering the Roles of the Histone H2B N-Terminal Domain in Genome-Wide Transcription. Mol. Cell. Biol. vol. 26 no. 10 3842-3852.
H2B-K23-ac Rabbit Polyclonal Histone H2B (Acetyl Lys23) antibody (STJ97178)
H2B-K43-me2 Rabbit Polyclonal Histone H2B (Di Methyl Lys43) antibody (STJ97164) Soldi, M., Cuomo, A., Bremang, M., and Bonaldi, T., (2013) Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomics for the Analysis of Chromatin Structure and Dynamics. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2013, 14(3), 5402-5431.
H2B-K43-me3 Rabbit Polyclonal Histone H2B (Tri Methyl Lys43) antibody (STJ97165)
H2B-K5-ac Rabbit Polyclonal Acetyl-Histone H2B (K5) antibody (STJ90118) p300, ATF2 Myers, F.A., Chong, W., Evans, D.R., Thorne, A.W., and Crane-R., C., (2003) Acetylation of Histone H2B Mirrors that of H4 and H3 at the Chicken beta-Globin Locus but Not at Housekeeping Genes. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 278, 36315-36322.