A comprehensive guide of Histone H4 relating antibodies


1. Guide and review for Histone H4 antibodies and relating protein.

Yong Zhong Xu, Cynthia Kanagaratham and Danuta Radzioch (2013). Chromatin Remodelling During Host-Bacterial Pathogen Interaction, Chromatin Remodelling, Dr. Danuta Radzioch (Ed.), InTech, DOI: 10.5772/55977.

2. 2017 validated Chip Grade Histone H4 antibodies list

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HistoneSiteModificationCatalog No.Antibody nameWritersErasersReadersReview& Guide
H4R3me2aA2376Asymmetric DiMethyl-Histone H4-R3 antibodyPRMT 1, PRMT5, PRMT6JMJD6TDRD3H4-R3 products guide
H4R3me2sA3159Symmetric DiMethyl-Histone H4-R3 antibody
H4K20me1A2370MonoMethyl-Histone H4-K20 antibody-ChIP GradePR-SET7, SUV4-20H1, SUV20-H2, ASH1, NSD1, SETD8 PHF20L1, L3MBTL1, SFMBT, MBTD1, 53BP1H4-K20 products guide
H4K20me2A2371DiMethyl-Histone H4-K20 antibody-ChIP Grade
H4K20me3A2372TriMethyl-Histone H4-K20 antnibody-ChIP Grade
H4S1phSTJ97148Rabbit Polyclonal Histone H4 (Phospho-Ser1) antibodyCKIITo be updated
H4K5acSTJ97179Rabbit Polyclonal Histone H4 (Acetyl Lys5) antibodyHat1, Tip60, ATF2, p300, CBP, HBO1 BRD4To be updated
H4K12acSTJ97180Rabbit Polyclonal Histone H4 (Acetyl Lys12) antibody Hat1, Tip60, p300, CBP BRD2, BRD4To be updated
H4K16acSTJ90129Rabbit Polyclonal Histone H4 (Acetyl Lys16) antibodyGcn15, MOF, Tip60, ATF2SIRT2, SIRT1 To be updated
H4K91acSTJ97193Rabbit Polyclonal Histone H4 (Acetyl Lys91) antibodyHAT4, GCN5To be updated