HMGB1 Review:The role and mechanism of HMGB1 and TLR in the proliferation of glomerular mesangial cells of lupus nephritis

HMGB1 and tlr

In this study, lupus nephrits (LN) model MRL / faslpr mice and mouse mesangial cells were used to investigate the effects of high mobility groupprotein B1 (HMGB1) and its related signaling pathway on lupus Glomerular mesangial cell proliferation and its possible mechanism of action, and electroporation technology in mice in vivo transfection, observed knock knock HMGB1 and its related signal pathway factor expression in mice kidney damage and renal function Improve the situation, for lupus nephritis etiology research and targeted therapy to provide the basis.

METHODS: A total of 8 male MRL / MPJ mice and MRL / faslpr mice (body weight: 45-55g) were detected in MRL / faslpr mouse kidney tissues. The expression of HMGB1, PCNA and TLR2 was set as the control group (Control group) and lupus nephritis group (LN group). The rats were sacrificed and the kidneys were sacrificed. The rats were sacrificed at 4% paraformaldehyde and fixed for light microscopy. The cells were stored in liquid nitrogen for frozen sections and kidney Globular protein and RNA levels. The expression of HMGB1, PCNA and TLR2 protein in renal cortex was detected by immunofluorescence and Western blot. The glomerular tissue was extracted by microdissection. The expression of HMGB1 and PCNA were detected by real-time PCR. And TLR2 mRNA expression; Reynolds RT-9600 semi-automatic biochemical analyzer to detect Scr, BUN and 24h protein biochemical indicators. 2 expression of HMGB1 in the renal cortex of mice with low knockdown of MRL / faslpr mice. The effect of HMGB1 expression on renal cell proliferation and renal function in mice was significantly lower than that in mice (P <0.05). The mouse mesangial cells were used to study the effect of liposome-mediated transfection on sh-HMGB1 and Real-time PCR were used to detect the inhibitory effect of shHMGB1 plasmid on HMGB1 protein and mRNA expression in mouse mesangial cells.

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