Rabbit polyclonal PDZK1 antibody (A5321)


Reactivity: Human,Mouse,Rat
Applications: WB,IHC
Conjugation: Unconjugated
Supplier: ABclonal Inc.

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Rabbit polyclonal PDZK1 antibody (A5321)

Supplier: ABclonal Inc.

Recommended applications: WB,IHC

Recommended dilution:

WB 1:500 – 1:2000 IHC 1:50 – 1:200

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Alternative names:

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CAP70 antibody, CLAMP antibody, PDZD1 antibody, NHERF3 antibody, NHERF-3 antibody
1700023D20Rik antibody|2610507N21Rik antibody|4921513F16Rik antibody|AI267131 antibody|AI314638 antibody|AL022680 antibody|C terminal linking and modulating protein antibody|CAP70 antibody|CFTR associated protein of 70 kDa antibody|CFTR associated protein, 70-KD antibody|CFTR-associated protein of 70 kDa antibody|CLAMP antibody|D3Ertd537e antibody|Dietary Pi-regulated RNA-1 antibody|Diphor-1 antibody|mPDZK1 antibody|Na(+)/H(+) exchange regulatory cofactor NHE-RF3 antibody|Na(+)/H(+) exchanger regulatory factor 3 antibody|Na/Pi cotransporter C-terminal-associated protein 1 antibody|Na/Pi cotransporter C-terminal-associated protein antibody|NaPi Cap1 antibody|NaPi-Cap1 antibody|NaPiCap1 antibody|NHERF 3 antibody|NHERF-3 antibody|NHERF3 antibody|NHRF3_HUMAN antibody|OTTHUMP00000015572 antibody|PDZ domain containing 1 antibody|PDZ domain containing protein 1 antibody|PDZ domain-containing protein 1 antibody|PDZD1 antibody|PDZK1 antibody|Sodium hydrogen exchanger regulatory factor 3 antibody|Sodium-hydrogen exchanger regulatory factor 3 antibody|Anti-PDZK1 antibody (ab121248)

SCBT cat No: sc-390932|sc-27289|


Rabbit polyclonal PDZK1 antibody

Catalogue No.



Human, Mouse, Rat


Recombinant protein of human PDZK1





Recommended dilution

WB 1:500 – 1:2000
IHC 1:50 – 1:200







Molecular weight

Predicted: 57kDa/Observed: Refer to Figures


PDZK1 antibody was tube-contained.
Buffer: PBS with 0.02% sodium azide, 50% glycerol, pH7.3.


PDZK1 antibody was purified using affinity purification.


Store at -20 Celsius degree. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles.

Alternative antibody names

CAP70 antibody, CLAMP antibody, PDZD1 antibody, NHERF3 antibody, NHERF-3 antibody

Database links

Human UniProt/Swiss-Prot:Q5T2W1

Protein names


Protein function

A scaffold protein that connects plasma membrane proteins and regulatory components, regulating their surface expression in epithelial cells apical domains. May be involved in the coordination of a diverse range of regulatory processes for ion transport and second messenger cascades. In complex with SLC9A3R1, may cluster proteins that are functionally dependent in a mutual fashion and modulate the trafficking and the activity of the associated membrane proteins. May play a role in the cellular mechanisms associated with multidrug resistance through its interaction with ABCC2 and PDZK1IP1. May potentiate the CFTR chloride channel activity. Required for normal cell-surface expression of SCARB1. Plays a role in maintaining normal plasma cholesterol levels via its effects on SCARB1. Plays a role in the normal localization and function of the chloride-anion exchanger SLC26A6 to the plasma membrane in the brush border of the proximal tubule of the kidney. May be involved in the regulation of proximal tubular Na(+)-dependent inorganic phosphate cotransport therefore playing an important role in tubule function (By similarity).

Protein tissue specificity

Expression is limited to epithelial cells. Expressed in the kidney (brush border of proximal tubule), pancreas, liver, and small intestine. Expressed at a lower level in the adrenal cortex, testis and stomach. Overexpressed in breast, renal and lung carcinomas.

Protein sequence and domain

The PDZ 2 and 3 domains seem to be involved in the interaction with SLC26A3.; Interaction with the C-terminus of CFTR could be mediated through independent binding of PDZ 1, 3 and 4 domains.; The PDZ 1 and 3 domains seem to be involved in the interaction with SLCO1A1.; The PDZ 1 domain interacts with BCR.; The PDZ 2 and 4 domains do not interact with the C-terminal region of SCARB1.Belongs to the NHER family.; Contains 4 PDZ (DHR) domains.

Protein cellular localization

Membrane ; Peripheral membrane protein . Cell membrane . Note: Associated with peripheral membranes. Localizes to the apical compartment of proximal tubular cells and to sinusoidal liver membranes.


This gene encodes a PDZ domain-containing scaffolding protein. PDZ domain-containing molecules bind to and mediate the subcellular localization of target proteins. The encoded protein mediates the localization of cell surface proteins and plays a critical role in cholesterol metabolism by regulating the HDL receptor, scavenger receptor class B type 1. Single nucleotide polymorphisms in this gene may be associated with metabolic syndrome, and overexpression of this gene may play a role in drug resistance of multiple myeloma. Pseudogenes of this gene are located on the long arm of chromosome 1. Alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding multiple isoforms have been observed for this gene.


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Product type

Primary antibody


ABclonal Inc.


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