Rabbit Polyclonal Phospho-EZR-Y353 antibody (AP0349)


Reactivity: Human,Mouse
Applications: WB,IHC
Conjugation: Unconjugated
Supplier: ABclonal Inc.

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Rabbit Polyclonal Phospho-EZR-Y353 antibody (AP0349)

Supplier: ABclonal Inc.

Recommended applications: WB,IHC

Recommended dilution:

WB 1:500 – 1:2000
IHC 1:50 – 1:100

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Alternative names:

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CVL antibody; CVIL antibody; VIL2 antibody;
Villin 2 ezrin antibody|CVIL antibody|CVL antibody|Cytovillin 2 antibody|Cytovillin antibody|DKFZp762H157 antibody|Epididymis secretory protein Li 105 antibody|EZR antibody|EZRI_HUMAN antibody|Ezrin antibody|FLJ26216 antibody|HEL S 105 antibody|MGC1584 antibody|p81 antibody|VIL 2 antibody|VIL2 antibody|Villin 2 (ezrin) antibody|Villin 2 antibody|Villin-2 antibody|Villin2 antibody|Anti-Ezrin antibody [3C12] (ab4069)

SCBT cat No: sc-58758|sc-32759|sc-71080|sc-71081|sc-71082|sc-271456|sc-6409|sc-6407|sc-271541|sc-398807|sc-377205|sc-20773|sc-32918|sc-398542|sc-56388|sc-71086|sc-71088|sc-71087|


Rabbit Polyclonal Phospho-EZR-Y353 antibody

Catalogue No.



Human, Mouse


A phospho specific peptide corresponding to residues surrounding Y353 of human EZR











Molecular weight



Phospho-EZR-Y353 antibody was tube-contained.
Buffer: PBS with 0.02% sodium azide, 50% glycerol, pH7.3.


Affinity purification


Store at -20 Celsius degree. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles.

Alternative antibody names

CVL antibody; CVIL antibody; VIL2 antibody;

Protein names


Protein function

Probably involved in connections of major cytoskeletal structures to the plasma membrane. In epithelial cells, required for the formation of microvilli and membrane ruffles on the apical pole. Along with PLEKHG6, required for normal macropinocytosis.

Protein tissue specificity

Expressed in cerebral cortex, basal ganglia, hippocampus, hypophysis, and optic nerve. Weakly expressed in brain stem and diencephalon. Stronger expression was detected in gray matter of frontal lobe compared to white matter (at protein level). Component of the microvilli of intestinal epithelial cells. Preferentially expressed in astrocytes of hippocampus, frontal cortex, thalamus, parahippocampal cortex, amygdala, insula, and corpus callosum. Not detected in neurons in most tissues studied.

Protein sequence and domain

Contains 1 FERM domain. The [IL]-x-C-x-x-[DE] motif is a proposed target motif for cysteine S-nitrosylation mediated by the iNOS-S100A8/A9 transnitrosylase complex.

Protein post-translational modifications

Phosphorylated by tyrosine-protein kinases. Phosphorylation by ROCK2 suppresses the head-to-tail association of the N-terminal and C-terminal halves resulting in an opened conformation which is capable of actin and membrane-binding (By similarity).; S-nitrosylation is induced by interferon-gamma and oxidatively-modified low-densitity lipoprotein (LDL(ox)) possibly implicating the iNOS-S100A8/9 transnitrosylase complex.

Protein cellular localization

Apical cell membrane ; Peripheral membrane protein ; Cytoplasmic side . Cell projection . Cell projection, microvillus membrane ; Peripheral membrane protein ; Cytoplasmic side . Cell projection, ruffle membrane ; Peripheral membrane protein ; Cytoplasmic side . Cytoplasm, cell cortex . Cytoplasm, cytoskeleton . Note=Localization to the apical membrane of parietal cells depends on the interaction with MPP5. Localizes to cell extensions and peripheral processes of astrocytes (By similarity). Microvillar peripheral membrane protein (cytoplasmic side).


The cytoplasmic peripheral membrane protein encoded by this gene functions as a protein-tyrosine kinase substrate in microvilli. As a member of the ERM protein family, this protein serves as an intermediate between the plasma membrane and the actin cytoskeleton. This protein plays a key role in cell surface structure adhesion, migration and organization, and it has been implicated in various human cancers. A pseudogene located on chromosome 3 has been identified for this gene. Alternatively spliced variants have also been described for this gene.

Research area

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Product type

Primary antibody


ABclonal Inc.


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