Rabbit Polyclonal Phospho-FAS-Y291 antibody (AP0007)


Reactivity: Human
Applications: WB
Conjugation: Unconjugated
Supplier: ABclonal Inc.

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Rabbit Polyclonal Phospho-FAS-Y291 antibody (AP0007)

Supplier: ABclonal Inc.

Recommended applications: WB

Recommended dilution:

WB 1:500 – 1:2000

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Alternative names:

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APT1 antibody; CD95 antibody; FAS1 antibody; APO-1 antibody; FASTM antibody; ALPS1A antibody; TNFRSF6 antibody;
ALPS 1A antibody|ALPS1A antibody|APO 1 antibody|Apo 1 antigen antibody|APO 1 cell surface antigen antibody|Apo-1 antigen antibody|APO1 antibody|Apo1 antigen antibody|APO1 cell surface antigen antibody|Apoptosis antigen 1 antibody|Apoptosis mediating surface antigen FAS antibody|Apoptosis-mediating surface antigen FAS antibody|APT 1 antibody|APT1 antibody|CD 95 antibody|CD 95 antigen antibody|CD95 antibody|CD95 antigen antibody|Delta Fas antibody|Delta Fas/APO 1/CD95 antibody|Delta Fas/APO1/CD95 antibody|Fas (TNF receptor superfamily, member 6) antibody|FAS 1 antibody|FAS 827dupA antibody|Fas AMA antibody|Fas antibody|FAS Antigen antibody|Fas cell surface death receptor antibody|FAS1 antibody|FASLG receptor antibody|FASTM antibody|sFAS antibody|Surface antigen APO1 antibody|TNF receptor superfamily, member 6 antibody|TNFRSF 6 antibody|TNFRSF6 antibody|TNR6_HUMAN antibody|Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 6 antibody|Anti-Fas antibody (ab82419)

SCBT cat No: sc-8009|sc-715|sc-21730|sc-7886|sc-74540|sc-716|sc-714|


Rabbit Polyclonal Phospho-FAS-Y291 antibody

Catalogue No.





A phospho specific peptide corresponding to residues surrounding Y291 of human FAS












Phospho-FAS-Y291 antibody was tube-contained.
Buffer: PBS with 0.02% sodium azide, 50% glycerol, pH7.3.


Affinity purification


Store at -20 Celsius degree. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles.

Alternative antibody names

APT1 antibody; CD95 antibody; FAS1 antibody; APO-1 antibody; FASTM antibody; ALPS1A antibody; TNFRSF6 antibody;

Protein names


Protein function

Receptor for TNFSF6/FASLG. The adapter molecule FADD recruits caspase-8 to the activated receptor. The resulting death-inducing signaling complex (DISC) performs caspase-8 proteolytic activation which initiates the subsequent cascade of caspases (aspartate-specific cysteine proteases) mediating apoptosis. FAS-mediated apoptosis may have a role in the induction of peripheral tolerance, in the antigen-stimulated suicide of mature T-cells, or both. The secreted isoforms 2 to 6 block apoptosis (in vitro).

Protein tissue specificity

Isoform 1 and isoform 6 are expressed at equal levels in resting peripheral blood mononuclear cells. After activation there is an increase in isoform 1 and decrease in the levels of isoform 6.

Protein sequence and domain

Contains 1 death domain.; Contains 3 TNFR-Cys repeats. Contains a death domain involved in the binding of FADD, and maybe to other cytosolic adapter proteins.

Protein post-translational modifications

N- and O-glycosylated. O-glycosylated with core 1 or possibly core 8 glycans.

Protein cellular localization

Isoform 1: Cell membrane; Single-pass type I membrane protein.; Isoform 2: Secreted.; Isoform 3: Secreted.; Isoform 4: Secreted.; Isoform 5: Secreted.; Isoform 6: Secreted.


Association of the receptor Fas with its ligand FasL triggers an apoptotic pathway that plays an important role in immune regulation, development, and progression of cancers (1,2). Loss of function mutation in either Fas (lpr mice) or FasL (gld mice) leads to lymphadenopathy and splenomegaly as a result of decreased apoptosis in CD4-CD8- T lymphocytes (3,4). FasL (CD95L, Apo-1L) is a type II transmembrane protein of 280 amino acids (runs at approximately 40 kDa upon glycosylation) that belongs to the TNF family, which also includes TNF-alpha, TRAIL, and TWEAK. Binding of FasL to its receptor triggers the formation of a death-inducing signaling complex (DISC) involving the recruitment of the adaptor protein FADD and caspase-8 (5). Activation of caspase-8 from this complex initiates a caspase cascade resulting in the activation of caspase-3 and subsequent cleavage of proteins leading to apoptosis. Unlike Fas, which is constitutively expressed by various cell types, FasL is predominantly expressed on activated T lymphocytes, NK cells, and at immune privileged sites (6). FasL is also expressed in several tumor types as a mechanism to evade immune surveillance (7). Similar to other members of the TNF family, FasL can be cleaved by metalloproteinases producing a 26 kDa trimeric soluble form (8,9).

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Product type

Primary antibody


ABclonal Inc.


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