Rabbit Polyclonal Phospho-PKC zeta (T560) antibody (STJ90390)


Reactivity: Human, Mouse, Rat, Monkey
Applications: WB, IHC, ELISA
Conjugation: Unconjugated
Supplier: St John’s Laboratory Ltd.

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Rabbit Polyclonal Phospho-PKC zeta (T560) antibody (STJ90390)

Supplier: St John’s Laboratory Ltd.

Recommended applications: WB, IHC, ELISA

Recommended dilution: WB 1:500-1:2000; IHC 1:100-1:300; ELISA 1:20000;

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Alternative names:

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PRKCZ antibody, PKC2 antibody,|14-3-3-zetaisoform antibody|AI098070 antibody|aPKCzeta antibody|C80388 antibody|EC antibody|KPCZ_HUMAN antibody|nPKC zeta antibody|nPKC-zeta antibody|OTTHUMP00000001368 antibody|OTTHUMP00000044160 antibody|PKC 2 antibody|PKC ZETA antibody|PKC2 antibody|Pkcz antibody|PKCZETA antibody|PKM-zeta, included antibody|PRKCZ antibody|Protein kinase C zeta antibody|Protein kinase C zeta form antibody|Protein kinase C zeta type antibody|r14-3-3 antibody|R74924 antibody|zetaPKC antibody|Anti-PKC zeta antibody (ab59364)
SCBT cat No: sc-393218|sc-17781|sc-366126|sc-7262|sc-17769|sc-17804|



PKC zeta (phospho Thr560) Polyclonal Antibody

Catalogue No.



Human, Mouse, Rat, Monkey


Phospho-PKC zeta (T560) Polyclonal Antibody detects endogenous levels of PKC zeta protein only when phosphorylated at T560.


Synthesized phospho-peptide derived from PKC zeta (phospho Thr560) at AA range 500-580





Recommended dilution

WB 1:500-1:2000; IHC 1:100-1:300; ELISA 1:20000;







Molecular weight

80 kDa


PKC zeta (phospho Thr560) Antibody was tube-contained. Liquid in PBS containing 50% glycerol, 0.5% BSA and 0.02% sodium azide.


1 mg/ml


PKC zeta (phospho Thr560) Antibody was affinity-purified from rabbit antiserum by affinity-chromatography using epitope-specific immunogen.


-20 Celsius degree. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.

Alternative antibody names

Protein kinase C zeta type antibody, nPKC-zeta antibody

Database links

Human UniProt/Swiss-Prot:Q05513;Mouse UniPort/Swiss-Prot: Q02956;Rat UniProt/Swiss-Port: P09217;Human Entrez Gene: 5590;Mouse Entrez Gene: 18762;Rat Entrez Gene: Rn.1109

Protein names

Protein kinase C zeta type , nPKC-zeta

Protein function

Calcium- and diacylglycerol-independent serine/threonine-protein kinase that functions in phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) pathway and mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase cascade, and is involved in NF-kappa-B activation, mitogenic signaling, cell proliferation, cell polarity, inflammatory response and maintenance of long-term potentiation (LTP). Upon lipopolysaccharide (LPS) treatment in macrophages, or following mitogenic stimuli, functions downstream of PI3K to activate MAP2K1/MEK1-MAPK1/ERK2 signaling cascade independently of RAF1 activation. Required for insulin-dependent activation of AKT3, but may function as an adapter rather than a direct activator. Upon insulin treatment may act as a downstream effector of PI3K and contribute to the activation of translocation of the glucose transporter SLC2A4/GLUT4 and subsequent glucose transport in adipocytes. In EGF-induced cells, binds and activates MAP2K5/MEK5-MAPK7/ERK5 independently of its kinase activity and can activate JUN promoter through MEF2C. Through binding with SQSTM1/p62, functions in interleukin-1 signaling and activation of NF-kappa-B with the specific adapters RIPK1 and TRAF6. Participates in TNF-dependent transactivation of NF-kappa-B by phosphorylating and activating IKBKB kinase, which in turn leads to the degradation of NF-kappa-B inhibitors. In migrating astrocytes, forms a cytoplasmic complex with PARD6A and is recruited by CDC42 to function in the establishment of cell polarity along with the microtubule motor and dynein. In association with FEZ1, stimulates neuronal differentiation in PC12 cells. In the inflammatory response, is required for the T-helper 2 (Th2) differentiation process, including interleukin production, efficient activation of JAK1 and the subsequent phosphorylation and nuclear translocation of STAT6. May be involved in development of allergic airway inflammation (asthma), a process dependent on Th2 immune response. In the NF-kappa-B-mediated inflammatory response, can relieve SETD6-dependent repression of NF-kappa-B target genes by phosphorylating the RELA subunit at ‘Ser-311’. Necessary and sufficient for LTP maintenance in hippocampal CA1 pyramidal cells. In vein endothelial cells treated with the oxidant peroxynitrite, phosphorylates STK11 leading to nuclear export of STK11, subsequent inhibition of PI3K/Akt signaling, and increased apoptosis. Phosphorylates VAMP2 in vitro . / ATP + a protein = ADP + a phosphoprotein. / Atypical PKCs (PRKCI and PRKCZ) exhibit an elevated basal enzymatic activity (that may be due to the interaction with SMG1 or SQSTM1) and are not regulated by diacylglycerol, phosphatidylserine, phorbol esters or calcium ions. Two specific sites, Thr-410 (activation loop of the kinase domain) and Thr-560 (turn motif), need to be phosphorylated for its full activation. Phosphatidylinositol 3,4,5-trisphosphate might be a physiological activator (By similarity).

Protein tissue specificity

Expressed in brain, and to a lesser extent in lung, kidney and testis.

Protein sequence and domain

The PB1 domain mediate mutually exclusive interactions with SQSTM1 and PARD6B. / The C1 domain does not bind the diacylglycerol (DAG). / Belongs to the protein kinase superfamily. AGC Ser/Thr protein kinase family. PKC subfamily. / Contains 1 AGC-kinase C-terminal domain. / Contains 1 PB1 domain. / Contains 1 phorbol-ester/DAG-type zinc finger. / Contains 1 protein kinase domain.

Protein post-translational modifications

CDH5 is required for its phosphorylation at Thr-410. Phosphorylated by protein kinase PDPK1; phosphorylation is inhibited by the apoptotic C-terminal cleavage product of PKN2. Phosphorylation at Thr-410 by PI3K activates the kinase.

Protein cellular localization

Cytoplasm / Endosome / Cell junction

Research area

All research areas>Kinases and Phosphatases>PKC
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St John’s Laboratory Ltd.

Product type

Primary antibody


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